Write your own commendation letters to strengthen your proposals and marketing efforts

accolade-example-graphicAccolades garnered from commendation letters have significant strategic value – whether you are creating general marketing content or substantiating proposed methods or capabilities within a technical proposal. When producing proposals or marketing materials, it’s important to validate the differentiators you assert in your content.

Here are some recommendations on how to go about obtaining the accolades you need:

  • Write them yourself! Everyone is busy, including your client. Draft a letter, send to your client and ask them if they would be willing to endorse it. Of course, you want to give them the option of editing it, so send it in an editable version.
  • Mix up the content. For instance, plan according to your content needs, e.g. typical proposal submission requirements. Here are examples of the various types of accolades that could be useful in your proposal submission:
        • Quality. Were there unique quality processes used in your project? If so, make this client-specific.
        • Safety. What special safety challenges did you overcome without incident?
        • Schedule management. Was it delivered ahead of schedule? Was there unique phasing requirements?
        • Subcontractor management. Did you manage multiple subcontractors and still delivery the project on time, within budget and with zero safety incidents?
        • Small business subcontracting goals. Give specifics on goals met or exceeded. Quantify how much you exceeded the goals by.
        • Project challenges overcome. Were there unique hurdles you had to overcome? Were there unforeseen site conditions? Did you go out of your way to accommodate your client? Was there unique work scope in which you still met all project objectives?
        • Operational capability. Does the project demonstrate your capability to perform within your core competencies or a specialty scope?
        • Specific personnel performance and/or capabilities. Do you have that stellar team you will propose in the future to qualify for specific projects? Highlight their ability to perform and manage complex projects.

Accolades serve as a strategic tool for substantiating and strengthening your claims throughout your proposals and marketing efforts. More specifically, they bring value in the following areas:

  • Technical proposal narratives
  • Website testimonials
  • Marketing brochures and collateral
  • Tradeshow graphics and collateral
  • Statements of Qualifications (SOQs)
  • Client presentations

If you would like more information on how to obtain, write, or use client accolades, or would like to see some examples, please contact us at www.strategiccreations.com/contact..

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