Our Team

We are made up of dynamic, strategic, and experienced team members.

Strategic Creations wants to be a top contributor to your success. We are passionate about helping small and large businesses succeed in the federal and private construction, engineering, environmental, and non-profit markets.
Strategic Creations’ owner, Sarah Weaver, has worked with government contractors for 15 years. Sarah founded Strategic Creations in 2011 to fill the need for an integrated marketing and proposal management firm. Our comprehensive services include copywriting, technical writing, proposals, grants, general marketing, and business development services. We develop winning proposals from the understanding that all parts of business development, strategic planning, marketing, proposals, and operations must be linked to achieve lasting success in this industry.
Savvy businesses must continually adjust to the changing economy, capitalize on core competencies, and understand the competitive landscape. We work side-by-side with our clients—not as consultants but as committed team members. If you’re ready to develop and implement the roadmap to both immediate wins and long-term sustainability, please contact us.

We work with clients to win proposals for the following organizations:


We strive to make a lasting impact on the companies with which we partner.


We are committed to providing high quality service. Our values set the foundation for our operations and define our culture.

Commitment to Excellence.
Clients hire us because they expect the best. Let’s “WOW” them with every project.

Prevent surprises through proactive communication. Communicate with courtesy, clarity, respect and expertise.

Standard of Care.
Treat all work as if it’s our only chance to prove our worth. Leave no task unfinished. Be impeccable with our word: ethical and sincere in every situation.
Act with urgency. Inspire creativity, initiative and optimism.

Foster a collaborative work environment that brings together our diverse talents. When we work together, success follows.

Be insatiably curious. Be responsive to change and exercise a can-do attitude. Remain constructively discontent: constantly seek a better way. Actively pursue personal growth and learning.

How we do it

Strategic Creations partners with our clients for the long-term. Our leadership brand, outlined below, is focused on our clients’ success.
  • We exercise candor in communication. We provide honest opinions and realistic recommendations. We help clients evaluate and select projects that make the most business sense for them.
  • We follow through. We don’t commit to unrealistic projects or deadlines. Our standard is 100% on time, 100% of the time. We aim to exceed our client’s expectations.
  • We seek to inspire others. We want our partners and staff to accomplish goals beyond what they initially thought attainable.
  • We maintain a lifelong dedication to learning and growing. We continually analyze the markets and government contracting arena, including Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) changes, and share knowledge with our clients.
  • We listen to our clients. We assess our clients’ capabilities to help our clients conceptualize and achieve their goals through persistent and consistent action.
  • We value our clients’ trust. We honor our word and meticulously avoid any potential conflicts of interest. As a partner committed to each client’s success; we hold all information and materials in absolute confidence.
  • Our business model allows us to tailor and hand-select services. This offers a measurable return on investment and provides precisely the services our clients need for optimal success.