Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Strategic Creations celebrates 5 years of helping businesses succeed.

Recognizing that only one in ten new businesses reach the five-year milestone, we extend our appreciation and gratitude to our CLIENTS for their business and our contacts for the continuous stream of referrals. Your support through the years has helped us get off the ground and soar!

Your mountain is waiting.Anyone who’s met Sarah knows that she is all about ACTION. After working for a small construction contractor and helping it grow into a large business, winning more than $500 million in construction projects and more than $3 billion in long-term contracts, Sarah knew she wanted to propel other small companies to similar success. In 2011, Sarah started Strategic Creations and has been using the company’s unique, holistic approach to marketing and proposal development to help clients achieve sustainable success.

Gratitude is the open door to abundance.

The years have flown by and we’ve grown and accomplished a lot: we’ve expanded our service offerings, diversified our client base, and helped our clients win more than $18 billion in contract capacity! The most rewarding part is being able to look at the positive impact we’ve made throughout the industry to create and retain jobs as well as stimulate the economy.

Join us as we reflect on what Strategic Creations has to celebrate and be thankful for.

  • Getting off the ground. Not many of us have the courage to leave stability for a new venture. But with a solid conviction to help small businesses, Sarah set out to make it happen and started Strategic Creations in a 200 square-foot home office. Today, Strategic Creations has a staff of eight who work together in a fully functioning and collaborative office space.
  • Clients’ trust. We are thrilled to have supported our clients on proposals that secured highly competitive single-project and long-term, multiple award contracts valued at more than $18 billion in contract capacity.
  • Longest standing client. After more than five years, we are still supporting one of our first clients with all proposal and marketing efforts, and have helped increased our client’s book of business tenfold.
  • Steady growth. Strategic Creations has been fortunate to have a progressive increase in our client base, coupled with the growth of our clients, and thus a need for additional support. Our diversified client base now expands across the U.S. to include environmental firms, construction companies, and nonprofit organizations serving Department of Defense, Federal, state, municipal, and local agencies.
  • Unique 30-day proposal development process. Our streamlined approach to proposal development is the solution to RFPs that require quick-turnaround responses. We have implemented our process to assist clients with successfully responding to more than 2,000 RFPs.
  • Tailored industry training to client staff members. We successfully worked closely with our clients’ established proposal teams to enhance the capabilities of their staff through customized training sessions as well as hands-on instruction during actual RFP responses.
  • Top notch team. Our team’s talent is the driving force behind our success. We’ve assembled a solid team of writers, experienced Proposal Managers, engineers, highly skilled coordinators, and editors to support our clients with any type of proposal. Some team members have worked together for more than 13 years, providing our clients a unique continuity of service and seamless collaboration.

Geared up for the future.

drseuss3Strategic Creations continues to expand our service offerings to respond to our clients’ latest needs as well as reflect changes in the marketing and Government procurement landscape. Our objective is encapsulated in the famous Dr. Seuss book, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”  We’ve tailored our integrated marketing and proposal services to help businesses weather the ups and downs and attain sustainable growth through strategic action.

  • Specialized technical writers. Our team of highly skilled writers with diverse expertise can clearly and effectively communicate complex subjects to a variety of audiences. Our team now includes an environmental engineer who offers the sought-after skills of comprehending and conveying technical terminology in simple language that can be easily understood by non-technical audiences and proposal evaluators.
  • Regulatory knowledge. Our team collaborates with industry legal teams to remain on top of relevant regulations that impact teaming and proposal strategies. Internally, we conduct regular training sessions for the entire staff on the ever-changing regulations that affect the procurement process.
  • Grant writing services. We now offer a comprehensive suite of grant writing services that can be tailored to both nonprofit and for-profit clients, including identifying and evaluating funding opportunities and proposal development.
  • Graphics. Our team now includes dedicated Graphic Designers. This means we’re capable of taking on a wide range of visually intensive projects, and that your proposals look sharper than ever.

Strategic Creations also looks to grow our team of writers. Available positions include part-time and full-time onsite at our Irvine office or remote on an as-needed basis. If you know of anyone who may be interested in joining our team, please contact us at www.strategiccreations.com/contact.

Thank you again to our clients and referral sources for trusting in our services and making all of the successes possible. The future looks bright and we’re excited to continue the journey with you! 



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