Bid/No-Bid Analysis

A sound bid/no-bid process is the first step to increasing pursuit win rates.

Strategic Creations assists in all stages of the bid/no-bid analysis. We help clients develop the formal decision-making process, improve information-gathering, and conduct a thorough RFP review.

A formal bid/no-bid process supports the best use of marketing and estimating dollars. Tailored to the company’s goals, the process will:

  • Assign accountability and responsibility
  • Increase win percentages, especially in must-win and high-probability pursuits
  • Prioritize all bids
  • Exercise selective bidding based on available resources for the proposal and project execution, alignment with corporate goals, and high profitability
  • Minimize day-to-day costs spent on the bidding process

An effective bid/no-bid analysis includes a qualitative and quantitative assessment of the risks. This assessment may include the following indicators:

  • Financial risk, reward, and resources
  • Operations risk and resources
  • Portfolio and strategic value
  • Likelihood of success based on RFP submission requirements
  • Alignment with core competencies
  • Team availability

Strategic Creations assists in the evaluation of risk for each pursuit.

Since 2012 when we began working with Strategic Creations, we have increased our win rate by more than 15%. Their strategic advice during the capture and bid/no-bid process made an immediate impact on our results, and continue to be a vital part of our success.
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