Proposal Libraries

A carefully planned and well-maintained proposal library saves time and costs –– allowing more time for strategizing .

Companies with a significant stream of task order or long-term/IDIQ proposals benefit from establishing a proposal library of templates and narratives.

  • Reduced marketing overhead
  • Increased efficiencies with readily available narratives, data, and statistics
  • On-hand awards and accolades to distinguish projects against the competition
  • Elimination of redundant hours spent on repeatedly gathering the same information
  • Quicker turnaround time for proposal qualification analysis

Our writing and curating services for proposal databases include:

  • Project experience descriptions
  • Key personnel resumes
  • Contract and project task order data
  • Customer commendation letters
  • Proposal templates and processes
  • Customer-specific content and research
  • Management plans
Since 2012 when we began working with Strategic Creations, we have increased our win rate by more than 15%. Their strategic advice during the capture and bid/no-bid process made an immediate impact on our results, and continue to be a vital part of our success.
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