Because you compete to WIN.

We help A/E/C companies craft compelling and compliant proposals that win contracts.

Does this sound like your company?

Not another noncompliant proposal!

Our technical proposals score low and miss the mark.

Woman biting pencils in frustration

Our department can’t take on another proposal.

kid fallen waving white flag of surrender

We know just as much about government proposals as we do about _______.

Why Choose Us?

Count on us to be your compliance hawks.

From compliance matrices to QA/QC reviews, our tools and processes ensure your government proposal checks all the boxes.

You want your proposal story to resonate with your customers for the win.

As writers and storytellers, we research, interview, and transform dry technical prose into clear copy that connects with your federal customers.

Free yourself from the stress of juggling multiple quick-turn proposals.

As proposaling™ experts specializing in 30-day federal RFP responses, we can lead the entire effort or act as your section quarterback.

Either way, we’ve got you covered so your team can enjoy a better work-life balance.

Heart palpitations over those intimidating 800-page federal RFPs?

Breathe. Empower your team with processes that have worked on over 4,000 proposals.

We’ve done it for almost 20 years, and we can teach you how.

Company Leadership

Sarah Weaver company leader

Sarah Weaver



ProposalingTM  is “The art of crafting compliant, compelling, and winning proposals.”

I live and breathe proposals. I thrive on competition, and I’m a loyalist to my clients and company. Always ready for the next challenge. Bring it on!

“I work with many professionals who possess great skills, great drive, great enthusiasm, and a great approach to business and life – but very few who cover all these bases. Sarah Weaver is one of those rare people; she not only talks the talk and walks the walk, she makes you want to run alongside!”
— Federal Consulting Company Owner

“Sarah and Mary make a great team, and it’s no surprise they mesh so well in supporting clients through Strategic Creations. I’ve witnessed their unmatched dedication to finishing the work no matter the circumstances...I’ve had the opportunity to work with the other staff at Strategic Creations and have found that they also are professional and on top of details and deadlines.”


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