Federal Consulting Company, Owner

As President of a business development consulting company, I work with many professionals who possess great skills, great drive, great enthusiasm, and a great approach to business and life – but very few who cover all these bases. Sarah Weaver is one of those rare people; she not only talks the talk and walks the walk, she makes you want to run alongside! I recently asked Sarah to write some policy documents for my company. I had high expectations – but was still blown away by the quality of the material I received. Her work reflected more than boilerplate responses; it demonstrated thorough research and mastery of complex and arcane topics, presented in a clear, easy to understand style. Outstanding work, delivered ahead of time and well within budget. Not only will I send more of my company’s work her way, I will happily sing Sarah’s praises to all of my clients. (Or better yet: hire her away and keep her to myself!)”