Here are a few testimonials from some of our many clients.

Sarah is very detailed and organized. She truly understands the government proposal process and does an excellent job in this field. Her talents are not just limited to the Government arena but does very well in all other proposal-related type projects. The presentations of proposals and our success rate with these proposals has been excellent by utilizing her company for proposal and marketing strategy. I highly recommend Sarah and her company for this work.”

Construction Small Business, Operations Manager

Over the years, whenever we’ve approached you for assistance with bid/no-bid decisions, you readily provided feedback and input into our likelihood of success. Many of these discussions helped us to prevent losing time and money on pursuing opportunities that were not practical for us. As a small business, I don’t have the resources of large companies to pursue every potential request for proposal nor do I have staff to directly support business development, bid/no-bid decisions, or proposal efforts. You take the time to always return a phone call and guide me...You and your team are such a pleasure to work with. I look forward to a continued partnership with Strategic Creations.”

Current Client, Since 2013

Strategic Creations stepped in and prepared a formal capture plan and success strategy for one of our large IDIQs. With their help working with our Senior Management team and team partners, we put together a winning plan and team. Thank you Strategic Creations for your advice and proactive approach!”

Current Client, Since 2012

Since 2012 when we began working with Strategic Creations, we have increased our win rate by more than 25%. Their strategic advice during the capture and bid/no-bid process made an immediate impact on our results, and continues to be a vital part of our success.”

Current Client, Since 2012

Sarah and Mary make a great team, and it's no surprise they mesh so well in supporting clients through Strategic Creations. I've witnessed their unmatched dedication to finishing the work no matter the circumstances...I've had the opportunity to work with the other staff at Strategic Creations and have found that they also are professional and on top of details and deadlines.”

Current Client, Since 2011

Strategic Creations is especially skilled in writing. Not only did they manage the proposal process from cradle‐to‐grave, their writers are extremely skilled and knowledgeable in complex writing tasks, such as working with A/E firms in the development of technical approaches, tailoring management plans to the various clients we worked with, construction processes, and schedule approaches. This skill alone took a lot of pressure off our internal staff, saving us time that would otherwise be spent developing the technical narratives.”

Construction Small Business, Construction Manager

When it comes to teaming decisions, gap analysis, and gut-feeling bid decisions, I trust your sound judgement and strategic vision. You take a level-headed and fair approach to make sure that I am pursuing opportunities for which I am well positioned to win...Your team did a wonderful job of writing, coordinating, and managing the proposal process. We made last-minute changes to the team, and your team handled the changes with grace and thoroughness.”

Current Client, Since 2012

My acquaintance with Sarah dates to 2004 at a previous construction firm we both worked at where she was tasked with managing proposals as well as overseeing the company's general marketing efforts. Sarah's contributions and leadership led to that firm's success in procuring several lucrative contracts from the Federal Government.”

Construction Small Business,Operations Manager

One of Strategic’s greatest assets is that they work independently and effectively to manage the entire proposal process, inclusive of strategizing and planning, coordinating, writing, desktop publishing, and production. They also understand when management decisions need to be made and coordinate effectively with my management team...The Strategic Team is especially skilled in tailoring narratives, clearly and concisely, to specific pursuits and clients, which has resulted in many long-term contract awards, minimal discussion questions, and bullet proof narratives that receive favorable ratings.”

Current Client, Since 2012

Whether the project entails complicated Federal construction proposals, strategic marketing, or fresh design concepts, I trust Strategic Creations to get the job done and deliver top quality work. This confidence in your services remains solid, and I will continue to refer other companies to Strategic Creations.”

Private Construction Company, Owner

I would like to commend Sarah Weaver and her team at Strategic Creations for an outstanding job they did on preparing a winning proposal for our firm on a very competitive procurement. We were very impressed by the high quality their professional work, and their insight and experience to highlight the strengths of our team in the proposal. Sarah's team played a crucial role in coordinating the contributions from different writers and organizing, editing, and presenting the material in a cohesive, streamlined, and easy to follow proposal. We certainly look forward to working with Sarah and her team on future proposal opportunities.”

Environmental Small Business, Owner

Sarah truly understands the importance and make-up of a winning team. Their industry connections have also helped us put together successful design-build teams. They just ‘get it’.”

Current Client, Since 2013

Sarah is a true leader of the proposal process and proposal teams, and has assembled a very strong team of writers, managers and coordinators. She is particularly skilled in strategy. She understands the nuances of teaming arrangements and team structure, and her insight consistently captured work for the Company.”

Current Client, Since 2011

Strategic Creations’ proposal process and approach are outstanding. In our last government debrief, the Army Corps said our proposal was the most professional, thorough, methodically laid out and that it was evident we had very knowledgeable writers on our team. Kudos to the SC team!”

Current Client, Since 2013

As President of a business development consulting company, I work with many professionals who possess great skills, great drive, great enthusiasm, and a great approach to business and life – but very few who cover all these bases. Sarah Weaver is one of those rare people; she not only talks the talk and walks the walk, she makes you want to run alongside! I recently asked Sarah to write some policy documents for my company. I had high expectations - but was still blown away by the quality of the material I received. Her work reflected more than boilerplate responses; it demonstrated thorough research and mastery of complex and arcane topics, presented in a clear, easy to understand style. Outstanding work, delivered ahead of time and well within budget. Not only will I send more of my company’s work her way, I will happily sing Sarah’s praises to all of my clients. (Or better yet: hire her away and keep her to myself!)”

Federal Consulting Company, Owner

These are the hallmarks of working with [Sarah] and Mary: you perform your research and make the process seamless and effortless for your clients. I greatly appreciate your professionalism and the amount of hard work and late hours that went into making sure every last detail is impeccable.”

Private Construction Company, Owner

Sarah's drive, work ethic and focus are her greatest assets. While working on project pursuits, it was not uncommon to get emails from Sarah late at night or to find a totally revised proposal, which she spent the weekend working on. She always works hard to make sure her team has the best information at hand and does an excellent job of staying on top of a multitude of details. I look forward to the opportunity to work with her in the future.”

Large A/E and Construction Firm, Project Manager

Sarah came to our group and immediately assisted our team by establishing deadlines and parameters. With little supervision she completed our proposal and set the bar for our team. Due to her diligence other groups within our office have since utilized Strategic Creations.”

$12-M Construction Firm, Vice President

Sarah is an amazing talent! She is energetic, creative, and thorough. She always maintains focus on the strategic intent of every effort, while paying attention to the details — a rare trait. She is a natural leader, and she facilitates superior results through discipline and process.”

Large A/E Firm, Director

Sarah is a creative individual that never says it can't be done. She is always open to the challenge in front of her and develops the procedures to get it accomplished with success. Sarah's direction has made many proposals successful. If she chooses to assist you in your current ventures, your odds of being the winner are greatly increased.”

$100-M Construction Firm, Operations Manager

Sarah possesses a unique skill of understanding the technical requirements of federal construction proposals and developing strategies to maximize the team’s success. She knows how to emphasize the unique aspects of a proposal and convey to the client that her team has a clear understanding of the requirements. Additionally, she has great communication skills that allows her to clearly express ideas to the entire team. She would bring priceless value to any proposal team.”

Large A/E Firm, Project Manager

I had the pleasure of working with Sarah in the pursuit and capture of several projects. Sarah was the real DRIVER during the proposal process and was always looking for winning solutions to address the needs of the client. Sarah always demonstrated a "get it done attitude" and a strong commitment to providing exceptional service for clients.”

Large Construction Firm, Operations Manager

Sarah is among the most competent, intelligent, and kind managers with whom I've worked in a 25-year nation-wide career. She combines a rare mastery of marketing and business development skills, with a care for her staff and people generally which is the hallmark of true character. You can trust your company's future to Sarah, she will go far — and take you right along with her.”

Technical Writer

I met Sarah Weaver, owner of Strategic Creations, nearly 3 years ago. She impressed me at a small business conference I attended where she gave a presentation on proposal preparation. I hired her to assist Helios Resources with marketing materials and proposal prep. She and her team are great to work with, very responsive and their product is top quality! Helios' win ratio increased significantly! We still work with Strategic Creations on a regular basis. I highly recommend Sarah and her staff to anyone!”

Darren K., President | Helios Environmental Services